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The Story

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Back in the fall semester of 2014 when we first opened our doors to the University of Houston community, we recognized Coogs’ thirst for great craft beer as well as their support for everything local. This was especially evident as the demand increased for our ever so popular Brew of H shirts, a Brewheart Apparel and Calhoun’s Rooftop collaboration that was born during the summer leading up to our opening. Naturally we hoped to expand the brand into more than just apparel and, dare we dream, maybe even our own beer!

Fast forward to a year later. The craft beer movement here in H-town is still growing exponentially, the Cougars are on their way to the Peach Bowl, and the city has every reason to celebrate. Everywhere you go is a sea of red, and the topic of every conversation amongst students, faculty, alumni and just straight up
fans is UH football.

Speaking of alumni, did you know that Jennifer and Brian Royo, the owners of No Label Brewing Company in Katy, are both alumni? In fact, they even got married on campus! The Coog couple had an idea and came to us with an amazing opportunity, and our dream finally came true. We finally have our own beer. And it’s delicious! If you haven’t come in to try it yet, get here now and see for yourself!

[header level=”4″]The Brew [/header]
Brew of H
No Label Brewing Co.
Katy, TX
ABV – 6%
IBU – 69

A hop forward, west-coast style IPA balanced out by specialty malts, which also give the beer its unique color. No artificial colors or dyes used, ever! Dry hopped with Cascade, Nugget and Columbus hops (also used in the boil).

This delicious beer is a collaboration between No Label Brewing Company, Brewheart Apparel, and Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar & Grill. We hope that you enjoy this easy drinking Red IPA as much as we do! Cheers and GO COOGS!

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